Fint out more about this website

I will try to document and list everything I can think of, that this website uses, from hosting to monitoring, including WordPress and all of its plugins, front-end and frameworks, etc. If you have any questions, suggestions on something I should add/remove/replace, please reach out!

Server / Hosting

Right now, as of January 11th, 2017 this website is hosted on my Funio shared hosting re-seller account running PHP 7. This is enough for the traffic I get  and I wanted to have a quick start, from the ground, so I can document the process of migrating to a VPS and including more complex stuff along the way, so that you guys can follow and hopefully learn a few things. Besides using or any WordPress managed hosting, this website is the simplest form of WordPress installation. For now.


As mentioned above, I use WordPress as a CMS. I don’t think WordPress needs to be described nor presented, it powers a good part of the internet and it’s amazing.  Here are the WordPress components that are currently active.


I use the Twenty Seventeen theme and I’ve got a custom made theme coming up.

[Update – March 2016]  As of March 2016, I now use the GeneratePress premium theme and highly recommend it. It it highly  customizable and highly optimized for performance. You can read more about the theme in the documentation section of their website.


There is only one plugin installed for now, I use Instagram Feed on the About me page and that’s it.

[Update – April 2016] Here is a quick list of plugins I’ve installed in the last few weeks and what I use those for:


I use Google Analytics, of course, what else? I’ve sanitized it a bit with the help of this great post by Carlos Escalera and it looks pretty neat and clean of spam. I’ve also setup a few goals that I am going to discuss about later.


Although I own this exact same Parka, the picture on the home page is not mine. It was taken from Unsplash. Check it out. Those pictures are amazing to look at.

This is it. As you can see, the website, in it’s current form  is pretty basic. Don’t worry, I plan to add more complexity and will share the process and my findings along the way. I also like to give credits to people so you might find great resources along the way too.

I’ve not even added a newsletter system yet, so if you want to be informed of changes, you can subscribe to the rss feed with your favorite reader, or follow me on twitter.