Find out more about who I am

I’m Jonathan, a full-stack web developer from Gatineau, a small town in the Province of Québec located in the National Capital Region of Canada (Just beside Ottawa, Ont.)

I’ve been developing WordPress plugins, themes and  websites for almost 6 years now and have a deep background in Web infrastructures. (VPS, LoadBalancers, CDNs, App Servers..etc)

I love to work with the stack. What I love even more? Being asked to work on a website that has been built with the roots stack! hehe.

When I’m not working, I like to run. At this date, I’ve run 6 Marathon and my best time is 4 minutes over the Boston Qualifier for my age group (03:09:05) I hope to make it to Boston in a near future!

Content disclaimer

I am not much of a writer and my first language is French, so I feel the need to express that if at any point in this blog I make syntax errors, typos, or, if you are not sure that I expressed myself correctly on something, PLEASE reach out to me as I’d like to get better!

Website disclaimer
I am a full stack web developer and will certainly use this WordPress installation as a test (even a dev!) environment at some point. That said this is no excuse for bugs, page not found and other errors on the website. If this happens, PLEASE reach out. That said, you might encounter frequent changes on the website or feature that become available and then disappear. I’ll keep this to a minimum, but I plan to test web concepts like A/B testing and do some rigorous performance test on the website. Again, if there is something you like, or dislike, PLEASE reach out so I can turn it on/off!



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